The primary focus is the examination and generation
of sensual recognition through the perception of
images. The atmospheric impression of images varies.
They allow something that cannot be expressed in
language to emerge, making it evident that they are
more than the sum of their individual parts. In
combination with certain codes this kind of atmospheric
compression is positively seen as “cool” or “sexy”
by viewers, though they are unable to describe the
phenomenon more precisely. The question is posed why
one picture can have an almost hypnotic effect on
the viewer while another image - even one that is
quite similar - does not. The experience of the image
itself is subjective, internal and yet at the same
time influenced by and dependent on the environment,
perspective of the peer group and context. From a
sensual enthusiasm comes the need to assimilate
pictures and to appropriate their context and atmosphere
even while modifying or alienating them.